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The TP Original Hoof Block is 100% polyurethane helping to treat injured claws. This special designed orthopedic insole has a higher abrasion resistance than regular hoof blocks. Besides it improves comfort and grip during treatment.

Blocks have a symmetrical design, structured to fit right or left claws.

Significantly aids in the healing and treatment process of lameness from podal disorders. Offers prompt effect on ambulation static and dynamic equilibrium for the animal.

Developed to be longer effective than a regular block to cover the heel and offer support to the foot while reducing strain on the flexor tendon.


L x W x H: 4 5/8" x 1 7/8" x x 3/4"


Orange = regular type

Blue = soft type


Instructions for use

Balance the hoof creating a supporting surface. Heat the block and claw with a heating gun or torch.


Check the video in the link below for the proper way to heat treat a TP block


Let the block cool down to not speedup the curing process of the adhesive.

Apply two parallel strips of adhesive on the block and place immediately on hoof aligning the straight side with the inner wall, leaving 0.2” protruding besides the heel. Check the correct positioning, speed up the glue dry process with a heating gun or hair dryer before release of the animal.


TP115, TP block, TP Blocks, TPBlock, Tecnoplastica Perletti

Original TP block H18, Blue

SKU: 890105020
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