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This DC 7.4V Li-ion battery that could be used as an extra or replacement battery for your BHA battery dispenser.


The battery can be recharged for approx three hundred cycles when it is maintained and used according to the note's below.



If a battery is stored for six months without being used it will discharge itself.

  • Charge the battery every six months even if it is unused to keep the battery’s in mint condition.
  • Always store your battery in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not store at places where the temperature may exceed 120 °F such as in a vehicle during the summer.
  •  High temperature will overheat the battery, and reduce its lifespan significantly.
  • If the running time becomes extremely short after charging, the battery should be replaced.
  • Always empty out the battery until there is no power left in it before recharging.

Extra battery for BHA Battery dispenser

SKU: 820102001
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