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BHA Tape are an extremely popular choice for everyday use on the bovine or equine hoof or leg.


Quick and easy to use BHA tapes are self-adhesive to eliminate the need for tape during the application process. Tape can be used on top of the bandage for extra security.

BHA tapes are characterised by a thick fabric with an enhanced latex coating, they contour to the shape of the animal thus providing extra support.

ideal for minor injuries, cuts, and to keep wounds clean when poulticing a hoof injury or abscess.


  • medium-elastic, self-adhesive tape
  • very hard to tear lengthwise, but easy to tear laterally
  • does not stick to hair or skin
  • easy to put on, even on the most difficult places


  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Provides consistent compression
  • Supports without obstructing blood circulation
  • Shock compensation for activities
  • Length: 175 inch extended length; width: 4 inch


Packed per 12 pcs in a dispenser, 144 pcs per box.



BHA Tape

SKU: 390207001
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