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BHA Beech wooden cow blocks are available in regular and XL size.

Usable on right and left claw by twisting the block 180 degrees.

Beech wood will provide the best comfort a wooden block will provide for a threated animal.

The grooved surface creates a good surface for the adhesive to attach itself.

Blocks remain glued on for 3-4 weeks.      


100 pcs per carton 


Instructions for use

Balance the hoof creating a supporting surface. Heat the block and claw with a heating gun or torch.

Let the block cool down to not speedup the curing process of the adhesive.

Apply two parallel strips of adhesive on the block and place immediately on hoof aligning the straight side with the inner wall, leaving 0.2” protruding besides the heel. Check the correct positioning, speed up the glue dry process with a heating gun or hair dryer before release of the animal.



BHA Beech Wood Cow Blocks, Regular 1 pc

SKU: 891510001
  • Case quantity: 100 pcs

    Pallet quantity: 9800 pcs

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